CORSA OPC STO Stage 1.5 remap

Here it is. At last i had the opportunity to stick one on the rollers. The latest version of engine fitted to the Corsa OPC is called the A16ler. Its a much stronger engine than the previous fitted Z16ler which was plagued by the very famous piston no.4 failure. The Car was fitted by a complete 63mm exhaust system built in house including the downpipe. The base run is including the full exhaust fitted to the car. STO-tuning remapped the car to perfection, as can be seen on the dyno proof, the original file from Opel was closing the throttle at high RPM for a few rpms, We concentrated the mapping on overall driver response and not Peak dyno numbers. I am very happy with the result and to confirm these gains where achieved on 95 Octane pump fuel with no additives.
The dyno sheet should speak for itself20150910_105722

Corsa OPC2014

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