A20150521_120402tlast…we here… MK7 platform 11350565_967988939898549_7219008350384941023_nwe are ready for you, MRC Sa is very pleased to announce the introduction of out new MRC stage 1 MAP for the MK7R/S38V. I would like to thank Mihnea , the chief Calbration engineer from MRC UK for outstanding map delivered for the R/S3 platform. The MRC 95 octane map has been fuly tuned on 95okt with advanced data logging. MRC remap delivers in every avenue. Some insight into the MRC map, The MRC stage 1 map runs around 0.2bar less boost than any of our major competitiors. we strived for a more linear power curve and holding power to the redline. The MRC map makes around 20-30 kw more at 6300rpm vs some of our competitors. The MRC car will not run out of STEAM! . Worried about TD1? …talk to me for further info
The power from the STOCK run at 230kw is with the latest firmware update from VW, NO hardware has been fitted to this car. All MRC tuning only!