10367814_781939611836817_5805888351097341033_nRS3 tuned



MRC tuned RS3/ TTRS

We are pleased to announce the release of MRC RS3/TTRS software upgrade

With power and torque increases throughout the entire rev range and very smooth power delivery.  MRC has spent countless hours on the dyno at MRC headquarters in Bandbury UK to make this a sure winner.  MRC remap gives the RS3/TTRS the performance it should have had when Audi released it.  What sets MRC apart from others is that they are able fine tune the base file built at MRC UK and deliver a smooth and powerful file for your TTRS/RS3 by means of data logging in S.A.

The MRC tuned RS3 releases the  potential the standard car has, the MRC car accelerates  with much greater urgency, using full throttle there’s a push in the back from the new found power gains. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the tar up faster than most supercars, yet is just as easy to take it to the  cafe near or far or just for an open road blast. Performance increases are just mind blowing

As can been seen the graph speaks for itself.

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