A3/S3 8P


MRC’s ECU upgrade for the S3 is available globally in octane-specific variations. Locally 95 octane is the choice of fuel in South Africa. Each car is individually tuned on the in-house 4WD dynamometer. The process of flashing the ECU is conveniently done to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU. 

All of MRC’s maps are completely custom-created at the head office. Correspondence is done via email and logging while the car is on our 2WD/4WD dynamometer. This obviously comes at a slightly higher price; you get what you pay for!

MRC specialises in VW, Audi, Petrol and Diesel models, and has an extensive knowledge of the software and hardware modifications necessary to get the maximum reliable power out of the vehicle. This also means we can be certain all your hardware is functioning correctly before starting to tune. General checks are done before tuning commences. 

Stage 1: 220kw

  • MRC ECU tune
  • Catless downpipe

Stage 2: 240kw-250kw

  • MRC ECU tune
  • MRC TCU tune
  • Catless downpipe
  • Cold-air intake
  • Upgraded intercooler

Stage 3: 285kw (325kw Racefuel)

  • MRC ECU tune
  • MRC TCU tune
  • Catless downpipe
  • Cold-air intake
  • Upgraded intercooler
  • Race spark plugs 
  • Autotech high pressure fuel pump upgrade 
  • TTE 420 hybrid turbo upgrade only
  • Water methanol injection
  • Catback exhaust
  • 4-bar map sensor upgrade
  • Charge pipe upgrade kit
  • TTRS8J LPFP upgrade


  • Tested under various climates and driving conditions globally via MRC’s 25-Global Dealer Network
  • Drivability and throttle responsiveness optimised
  • Retention of Factory Safety Limiters
  • Perfectly optimised Power Band and Power Delivery utilising full control of ECU
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Speed Limiter removed (On request)
  • Race fuel maps (Available on request)
  • Specific stage maps designed to extract maximum power from the car’s engine—reliably
  • Maps available for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3
  • S-tronic Gearbox remap available (TCU remap) with increased RPM Limiter, quicker shifts, higher clamping force and higher shift points
  • RPM Limiter increased to 7000 (Manual Gear Box only)
  • Launch Control (Available for Manual Gearbox on request)