About Us

Formed in 1997, Evolution(Evo Performance) has become a leading brand both Cape Town and South Africa. The workshop has grown to heights I never thought we would.

This growth is thanks to the fiercely loyal support from our clients over the last nineteen years. On the back of these ongoing customer relationships, we will continue to strive for excellence into the future.
My hands on meticulous attention to detail ensures quality workmanship from all of our products. I also pride myself in a client interaction on a personal level that can only be found from a owner run company.
All fitment is undertaken by myself with 100% dedication to each vehicle specifically. I do not believe in cutting corners and my motto is “your car is my car”.

If it ain’t good enough for mine, it ain’t good enough for yours, and this is what has set Evolution apart from the rest. Although we promote performance products, I believe that I can deliver improvements in any vehicle with no loss in reliability provided the threshold levels of the vehicle is not exceeded.
Understanding your vehicles thresholds and limitations has been instrumental in building long term relationships with my customers. My customers trust that foremost, we chase the balance of reliable performance.

My advice is based on years of personal experience and not what others have to say. At Evolution we always put our clients first!

If you have not tried us yet, go on and give us a CALL!

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– Amien Mowzer