Audi A4 B8 1.8Tfsi MRC stage 1.5 Remap

Audi-A4-wide1Audi A4 1.8t B8 118kw MRC stage 1.5 remap

As many owners with the 1.8t engine will say “ its lazy”. The A4 is plagued by a very long ratio gearbox which makes it feel “lazy”. Spending a day or 2 with the car Myself and Mihnea Cotet decided on the tuning style needed to make this a remarkable daily drive that anyone could drive. The criteria, No torque steer, NO excessive boost for that hard push in the seat. I wanted a tuning solution that would enhance Power and Economy and maintain that Audi drive quality.
We data logged the needed parameters for the tuning with all stock parts and the OEM factory map.
Next I built a custom exhaust. Starting with a 76mm downpipe and tapering down to a 63mm centre system splitting into a dual 57mm exit at the rear.
New data was acquired to see what the Evolution Performance Exhaust had done to the car. Data revealed a 0.2 bar increase in boost, this was obviously because the OEM Audi system was rather very restrictive and the removal of the Catalytic converter combined with the increase in pipe bore size, positioned at the mouth of the Turbochargers exhaust housing had help free up the extra boost.

Resident ECU calibrator from MRC tuning, Mihnea Cotet set out with our first base map. We started with a rather large amount of boost on the base map, but settled on a lower boost delivery and concentrated on ignition advance refined by good fuelling to help with economy. 7 maps later and lots of test drives both myself and Mihnea was happy with the data he has seen, and I was extremely happy with the quality of drive and performance gain after the remap was mated to the performance exhaust.

Off we went to the dyno to confirm what I was experiencing and what the data revealed. The Base run shows the car rated factory 118kw is rather a bit over the factory claim, this is the norm nowadays with most VAG models. After the completed dyno run I was all smiles. Results were astonishing for a car mapped on BP 95 octane.

The dyno printout should say this too.

Now the car belongs to Andre Johnson from Executive Racing. Andre is no newbie to fast Audi’s. We can hardly call the A4 B8 1.8T a fast car. His words “wow, that’s a lot more power than it had before”

The maps are built on South African 95 Octane pump fuel available at any local garage. NO need for additives at ALL…
The MRC remap mated to the Evolution Performance exhaust system has transformed the car to make more power than the A4 B8 2.0T… MRC FTW!A4 1.8t B8 MRC satge 1.5

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