Audi TT-RS Tuning + Speedlimiter removal

STO phase1 tuning is ready!…..we have 2 options here.

  1. Complete engine remap with speed-limiter removal
  2. Speed-limiter removal

The complete engine remap consist of  a tune based on S.A 95ulp fuel. Power gains are around 20-30kw and 70-90nm.  Cost of R9000. The software is undetectable to dealer diagnostics via calculated checksums.  All tuning is undertaken via the OBD2 plug and no need to open the ecu!

The Speed-limiter removal is available for those who just want the speed-limiter removed. Cost is R5000 and the car should max out at around 280kph.  This option is offered by Audi SA at a cost of R20 000.  We can offer it way cheaper with no traceable links via OBD diagnostics


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