Chip and Software Tuning

When you ‘chip-tune’ your car at STO we make every effort to form a good relationship with our clients because at the end of the day we’re responsible for safely extracting power from your car. Our reputation therefore is wholly dependant on the experience you have – that means its beneficial to both parties that you walk away with a smile on your dials.

In optimising via the Engine Control Unit, we are able to control the data which in turn controls the behaviour of your car. Factory cars are seldom tuned for utmost performance. Far from it in fact – real world conditions such as environment, climate, traffic and fuel economy all need to be considered when building your all purpose map. The ECU performs the daunting task of managing all these factors within parameters predefined by the factory, we remove that and replace it with out own locally developed map to optimise performance still within the safe limits of your motor. Numerous sensors throughout your vehicle including injection, ignition, temperature, fluid levels, turbo charge pressure and boost – to name but a few, are all factored into the new build process, all under the effect of our localised conditions such as fuel quality, height above sea level and temperature. Erratic spikes and dips in your power and torque curves that exist in your standard map are all a result of these factors. With further optimisation these are greatly reduced resulting in far more linear power delivery, as well as an improved output. Our process ensures the longevity of your motor is in no way compromised, only enhanced, by this process.

[a] ECU’s main function is to regulate the fuel’s maximum rate of supply
[b] Air and fuel ratio needs to be precise in order for your catalytic converter to operate
[c] The amount of fuel supplied is proportionate to the amount of air available
[d] This information is contained within the EPROM/Flash chip of the ECU

Control of ignition
Timing in relation to RPM
Charge pressure control
Better fuel consumption
A reduced carbon footprint

The answer is simple, with mass production for world markets – large corporations are unable to build a suitable map for each region and its variable conditions. The maps supplied as generic are heavily compromised to suit all locales, and do a great job considering the wide range in quality of fuels from one country to the next. In South Africa we are constantly plagued by low grade fuel resulting in many negative scenarios e.g; retarded timing resulting in a richly running motor. This puts your standard car at risk to pinging. We eradicate unnecessary tolerances and instead deliver a map suited to its driver, and its habitat.

[a] Each map is developed individually
[b] A dyno run is performed and a detailed result sheet is supplied before and after a ‘ECU upgrade’

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