Dyno: Phases Explained

Vehicle example: VW Golf GTI / Audi A3

Our phase 1 upgrade consists of a software remap which is done via the OBD2 port. Gains are generally around 20-25kw and 70-80nm. The conversion is straightforward in that it is comprised only of a custom-mapped chip, but the performance gains are impressive. Squeeze the throttle in any gear, at any speed, and the STO tuned GTI lunges forward with the kind of aggressive surge that takes you by surprise – real seat of the pants stuff! Response is always instantaneous – just a millimeter of pedal travel is enough for the torque to swell and the Golf to leap forward.

* Tuning is undetectable to dealer diagnostics with calculated ‘checksumms’
* The tuning session takes 3 hrs to complete and includes a before and after dyno printout.

Phase 2 see’s the addition of a 76mm downpipe which is bolt on replacement unit. It removes the restrictive catalytic converters and gets a new shunt one-piece 76mm down pipe which has no restrictions in it. Revised software is needed to accommodate the new founded “free” boost which is attained by the fitment of our downpipe. Together, power gains are generally around 10-15kw and for full gains the addition of a panel K&N filter is highly recommended.

Phase 3 gets all the modifications mentioned above but sees the addition of a full 76mm exhaust upgrade and a new designed ‘Cold Air Intake’ which has been designed and developed in conjunction with Motorcade. An extra 10kw-14kw and 30-40nm is achievable over phase 2 with these additions. A new STO tuned file is also required to accommodate for the added air intake volumes.

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