Audi Exhaust Systems

NEW RS3/RSQ3 downpipe


Introducing our New Rs3 and Rsq3 89mm downpipe.. complete bolt-on..










I am happy to announce the development of the EVOLUTION CATBCACK system for the B6 V8 S4.  The system is built in dual 63mm with 4 silencers and a X-pipe.  Sounds Brilliant….. power gains of 5 kw where seen on the dyno. P.O.A


Audi A4 1.8T/2.0T B8/7 Catback

We are proud to announce our catback system for the B8 1.8T/2.0T Audi has been released.   The system is built in complete stainless steel with special designed silencers for ease of fitment as well as noise quality.  The twin setup does not hamper performance neither noise in anyway.  The car is not louder than the Original single setup at any part of the rpm band. A performance increase of 3.6kw will be achieved however please bear in mind that  the system is built for looks as well!.  The Audi freeway plan should not be affected in anyway as this unit still maintains the original catalytic converter.

The system can be built in Bolt-on form so the original unit can be refitted at anytime.


Audi TT 2.0TFSI

We are proud to announce the complete development of the Audi TT 2.0tfsi exhaust. It comes with a complete 76mm Downpipe and is mated  to a  2 silencer system.  Power gains are up by a whopping 13kw over the stock unit.  This figure has been achieved in conjunction with MRC remap

The system is not too loud but sporty.  Not taking any of that Audi aura away. It has NO drone in the cabin what so ever!


AUDI S3 8P 2.0TFSi

We now offer a manderal 76mm exhaust system for the S3 2.0Tfsi. Gains of 6kw can be experienced on cars running good software. This system has 0% drone and sounds brilliantly outside.