VW Exhaust Systems

Golf 7 GTI   Complete Exhaust/Catback


Introducing our second system for the Mk7 Gti, I have had numerous request for a system with a bit more tone than our original setup. I built this… Mk7 EVO system..i must say it sounds Fantastic with Zero drone in the cabin…. The system comes complete with a choice of 4 styles of 101mm tailpipes and is built utilizing manderal bends. All is Tig welded together with some Mig construction in certain places.

The Exhaust system is 100% constructed out of Stainless Steel and carry’s our 5 Yrs no hassle warranty.


MK7 GTI Downpipe


Intoducing our Complete Bolt-on downpipe for he Mk7 GTI. Manufactured out of 304 Grade stainless steel and comes with our no hassle 5yr guarantee.  Fitment time takes around 2 hours, no need for any cutting. Please inquire for pricing.






MK7 GTi catback



Introducing the EVO GHOST SQUAD performance Catback mated to our EVO Performance Downpipe for the MK7 GTI MQB platform. The System is built utilising  76mm manderal bends with special silencers to give it that OEM look.   101mm tailpipes are standard on our unit. Sound quality is not intrusive yet pleasing to the ear.  The exhaust system is constructed in stainless steel and carries our 5 Yr no hassle warranty.  Bookings are essential and we need 1 working day to complete this system.




POLO 6C GTi 1.8 T 2015 +

20150901_115655I am pleased to announce the release of our cat-back system for the new POLO GTI 6C fitted with the 1.8t Direct injection engine. We offer 2 choice of tailpipes, Dual Jet square and the Dual Evo Rounds. This particular car is fitted with the Dual Jet units.  Tone is fantastic nothing over the top. We also now offer the Downpipe in bolt on form for this car in 89mm tapering down to 76mm and bolting straight to the stock catback if needed.




We have dyno developed a performance exhaust system for the POLO GTi fitted with the 1.8T engine.

The exhaust consists of a 63mm down-pipe which enlarges the surface area at the neck of the down pipe by almost 33% from the std size. The down-pipe is then mated to a 2 box 63mm system built with special design stainless steel-silencers.  The tone not intrusive at all into the cabin with a sportier overall sound and finished off with a twin 76mm high polish tailpipe. We have tested various combinations and feel that this is the best solution in terms of power, reliability and sound.