Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST Catback

I am pleased to announce the development of the EVO catback for the new Ford Fiesta ST 132kw.  The unit is still in development phases.  Official product should be released July 2014

Here are some teaser picsFiesta St 132kw catbackFiesta St catback

Ford Fiesta ST

Stage 1

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new tuning file for the Fiesta St 1.6T,  after a lengthy 4 months of R&D.  I am happy to say that the results has been worth the wait!  Before launching I had 2 customer cars test the map for overall dynamics as well as fuel consumption usage to gather the necessary data for a South African condition map.

The response has been fantastic,  both claiming improvement in fuel consumption with factory like smoothness. This is always the aim of our STO maps from the outset and I am pleased to announce it has been achieved!

The dyno Sheet shows the gains with the software….  the map is 100% built on South African 95 octane, usage of any octane boosters is not needed..

Please contact me for a quotation. Please be aware that for the time being, this software is only being provided to Cape Town based customers.

.fiestast03_1_1500x0Fiesta st STO tuned

Stage 2