Focus ST 225 5 Cylinder



PHASE 1 Software attached to dyno sheet!

We have developed tunes for the Focus ST 225 starting from the following phase’s

Phase 1 ….Software upgrade…..can have a Decat unit fitted

Phase 2 ….Software upgrade Decat/Downpipe as well as a Cold air intake

Phase 3…. all the above mated to a front mount intercooler.

Instead of tuning for maximum power we have found a balance between good power gains as well as smooth power delivery.  It makes the car feel like it was built by the factory.  All tuning is centered around changes to the boost pressure, fueling and timing.  We also move the rev limiter ( if necessary or upon request). The much famed shift light is also activated and can be specified.

We need the car for 3 working hours to complete the software upgrade alone.

Please contact me for pricing.

Ford Focus ST Catback 3” Exhaust System

I am pleased to announce the introduction of our in house designed cat back system for the Ford Focus ST.  The system is crafted out of 304 grade stainless steel with full mandrel bends. It is crafted from 76mm tubing merging into 63mm utilising our own in house design collector with 3 special silencers to help combat drone inside the cabin,   The silencer design has been throughly tested and is the best around .  The system will bolt-on to the existing downpipe or performance downpipe as per O.E.M. .

Update ……We have dyno tested the catback and have yielded brilliant results.  a whopping 12kw and 18nm of torque

Please contact me for a quote.

Ford Focus Front Mount Intercooler

We are proud to announce the development of our own intercooler kit for the Focus ST 225.

Our unit comes complete and can only be fitted by one of our agents.

We have seen power gains up to 15kw depending on the model. Intake temps have dropped around 30deg on a 28deg day….

Please contact me for a quotation.

5 Cylinder Power:

WE CHALLENGE THE question, “How much power is too much for a front wheel drive hatch?” with two highly tuned Ford Focus STs that can still work on the street.

“That’s what is causing both cars to lose traction in most gears and making them very temperamental on the launch. Powering out of corners is a give and take affair with too much throttle forcing the car into a mild predictable understeer. Hook them up correctly however and either one of these cars has genuinely ballistic performance on tap capable of seeing off most front driven challengers and a couple of all and rear- driven saloons”

EVO Ford Focus ST