New development MINI Cooper S R56 Turbo Exhaust

Mini Cooper R56 Turbo exhaust
Mini Cooper R56 Turbo exhaust


After consulting with 2 of our international counterparts a system was designed and built.   I removed the complete exhaust system and built a 63mm system from the turbo down-pipe all the way to the back. Silencers were of the resonated design as used by many top European aftermarket exhaust manufactures.  The resonated units ensures excellent noise levels,  however both my colleagues in Europe has confirmed that hey have seen no difference in power gain by building a non-resonated system.

Below is the dyno sheet of  the resonated system:


Very pleased with the results i decided to build another exhaust system…..I thought let me try an prove the Europeans wrong!.  Using specialised acoustic material as well as certain design silencers.  The size of piping remained 63mm but i got rid of the resonated silencer’s in lure of the new units which was custom made for me for this car.  The noise levels were 10 % louder however still remained very sporty.  As can be seen by the dyno sheet below the power gains were huge.  Being sceptical on the gains,  i got a second opinion from another dyno operator.  Results were similar.  I will  emphasise that their is no software loaded to this vehicle!


This pure power gains over the stock car……

And this is why Evolution rocks!mini-2

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