POLO CROSS 1.6Tdi MRC Stage 1 Remap

MRC CROSS POLO 1.6TDI ……. the story
So i needed i good run around but the old 9N POLO PD130 was no longer an option as most has had there fair share of mileage, Wanting a Diesel POLO i decided to grab the 6R Cross POLO 1.6TDI. it looks cool and my daughter thought it was a van, lol. Parents with little kids will know , kids love vans so this was a bonus…

After 14 hrs of ownership and 140 kms into ownership i kinda got a feel for the car and the consumption usage, bearing in mind i travel mostly the same route everyday. My biggest criteria was to keep the car reliable so doing unnecessary modifications like DPF delete EGR delete etc was never an option. all i wanted was a bit more PEP and the improvement in economy. After much talking with Mihnea Cotet , The Senior engine Calibrator at MRC tuning we set off with doing detailed Data logs on the standard ECU map as flashed to the ecu by VWAG. A few flashes later and Data logs we are happy to say the MRC 1.6 tdi file is 100% fantastic for South African pump fuel.

I can attest to the improvement and so will the dyno sheet, We were not interested in chasing the biggest power but the most reliable daily gains for a diesel the car does not even smoke!..

On a trip i took yesterday to Caledon with 3 Adult passengers and all our tuning tools in the boot i can honestly say i have been blown away by the economy and reliability of the little 1600tdi .

I have included a pic of the economy and Petrol usage on the freeway and some of this is with some combined urban driving. 392.6kms and not even a 1/4 tank of fuel used …..

So people if you want a little more from your 1.6tdi… MRC can assist with a local developed map that is brilliant!

Big thanks goes out to the boys at MRC for the dedication to this project as well as all others they have done in the past with MRC SA20150911_113701POLO tdi 1.6 DYNO MRC

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