Polo Gti 1.8T Performance exhaust


We have dyno developed a performance exhaust system for the POLO GTi fitted with the 1.8T engine.

The exhaust consists of a 63mm down-pipe which enlarges the surface area at the neck of the down pipe by almost 33% from the std size.  The down-pipe is then mated to a 2 box 63mm system built with special design stainless steel -silencers.  The tone not intrusive at all into the cabin with a sportier overall sound and finished off with a twin 76mm high polish tailpipe.  We have tested various combinations and feel that this is the best solution in terms of power, reliability and sound.

The 76mm downpipe option was also tried however we shelved the design after we tested it.

We found the following flaws:

  1. The 76mm down-pipe yielded a 2.7kw gain over the normal 63mm unit However it gained this power by making the turbo over spool excessively. (not safe for long term use)
  2. The Flexible joint would break because of its close proximity to the tunnel and would also time and again give off a vibration and a knock against the body especially when the car is started or the car is being raced from a standstill!

Gains of around 12kw has been seen on various dynomometers with around 30-40nm gain

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