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Audi RS3 8v.2/TTRS DAZA EVOPERFORMANCE Catless Downpipe


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Weight 7 kg

Introducing the Catless Downpipe (102mm turbo outlet) designed for Audi TTRS IS/RS3 8V:

  • Equipped with a 102mm turbo outlet pipe, transitioning to 89mm until the mid-pipe.
  • Compatible with the stock Turbo, ensuring a perfect fit.


Experience the ultimate power boost for your exhaust system with our Catless Downpipe (102mm turbo outlet) specially designed for Audi TTRS IS/RS3 8V. This upgrade promises a distinct and aggressive engine sound, achieved through unrestricted airflow, resulting in unmatched maximum power gains. Its bolt-on direct fit install makes it hassle-free to integrate into your existing setup.

Not only does this downpipe produce captivating crackles and bangs, but it also offering relief to your turbocharger. Moreover, it is remarkably lightweight compared to the factory catalytic converter.

Crafted with mandrel-bent technology, this downpipe optimizes gas flow and internal size, ensuring superior performance without compromising mid-range torque.

Perfectly tailored to fit the following models:

  • Audi TTRS IS/RS3 8V
  • Audi TTRS 8S 2017+