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Weight 1 kg

Two 0-5 V analog outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with ECUs, data logging and engine management systems.
Error indication in event of signal absence from Flex Fuel Sensor
Optional real time E% Ethanol Content Gauge, Fuel Temperature Gauge and NEW Dual E% and Fuel Temperature Gauge.
The gauge is only 3/4″ (19mm) thick. The back of the gauge is completely flat with cable hidden in a cavity and can be surface mounted almost anywhere inside the car cabin using a piece of Velcro or double sided tape. The gauge base allows the gauge to be mounted in a standard 2” 1/16 (52mm) gauge pod. For additional mounting options the package includes 2 set screws and 2 nuts (4-40 screw size). Check out the gallery for gauge installation pictures.
The gauge plugs into the ECA-2 GAUGE port.
Both E% and Fuel Temperature Gauges can be plugged to the ECA-2 at the same time.
Fuel Temperature Gauge shows Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Power and serial data is supplied directly through the single connection – there are no additional +12V or ground wires. The gauge cable length is 5 ft (1.5m).
ECA-2 is required for gauges operation.
Connecting harness to Zeitronix Flow Through FLEX Fuel Sensor is included. Harness length is 8 ft (2.4m)
A flex fuel sensor is required. The ECA-2 is compatible with some OEM sensors used in GM vehicles with the flex fuel insignia or which run on E85. However GM offers a large number of different sensors with different specs.
ECA-2 Kit which includes Zeitronix tested Flex Fuel Sensor and can be purchased here.
ECA-2 dimensions: 3″ x 2″ x 1″ (76mm x 50mm x 25mm)
Made in the USA!