Renault Megane RS225, F1, R26 Evolution Exhaust

Renault Megane RS225, F1, R26 Evolution Exhaust

Renault Boys and Girls………We have done it…..

I am not sure if anyone has built a complete 76mm exhaust including the downpipe in CAPE TOWN from the turbo outlet but from what i have been informed is that we might be the first.   The system is complete built in 76mm 304 grade stainless steel from the Turbo to the exiting tailpipes.  A 2 silencer system was developed and tested to produce ultimate power with NO drone in the cabin. The car sounds nothing but amazing to be honest.

We built 3 systems and dyno tested all 3 back to back on the dyno on the same dayGains of 14kw and 36nm were found with this exhaust system on a Stock Renault Megane F1 R26.  I am not going to divulge much of what i put into this design but the numbers speak for themselves and the FACT that we have done it  to prove!

Dyno Sheets will be up within the next few weeks.