Renault Megane Sport/RS 188kw >>STO tuned

Renault Megane Sport/RS 188kw >>STO tuned


We are pleased to announce our released of our >>STO tuning solution for the Renault Megane Sport 250hp as it is known in the EURO market.

Spending a full day tuning this car on the dyno we tried every possible solution to make reliable power.  We ended up settling for the attached power gains as can be seen on the dyno sheet.  Power delivery initially has a bump in the graph because the customer requested a small shove in the seat experience at lower rpm.  This however can be smoothed out no problem.

We are extremely happy with the results however we tried a small little trick.  We added some NF Race to the BP unleaded that was in the car. By advancing timing 2 deg we gained a whopping 12kw and 26nm over the tuned file of 211kw which brought the Renault up to 223kw……

So in conclusion this little monster just become better once modded.

Cost of the tuning is R4500 and is done via the OBD 2 port