RunX Rsi (updated)


We rock your world baby!…….

For those who have bought our system speaks highly of it!…..for those who have not speak to those who know the product.  Don’t take my word for it.

We have seen upto 10kw gain on just our inhouse developed exhuast for the Runx Rsi……

Everything for the Runx is specially designed and manufactured.  We do not use universal silencers as our competitors do and claim it to be the best under the sun.

Having done 34 Runx rsi’s and counting that should put us at No1 in Cpt when it comes to building exhaust for a Runx Rsi!

The system comes with a full 5yr guarantee!


Now tuned with a Unchip q version that is fitted with a VVT controller that brings in the VVT at 4800rpm….. Power is with Evolution system!

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