When TUNERS push the envelope

The most important question is,  “can you match the power ? or make more”.  This is the common consensus when people call me for tuning.  Tuners have become so driven for the business that they will destroy the life time of the vehicle just to deliver on their promises.  When bad fuel is the biggest problem in SA.

I have put up these pics for people to see what can happen to a vehicle when tuned by people who want to deliver on their promises but are unable to do so reliably because of a lot of negative factors.  The pics are from a 2010 C63 with 3000km’s on the clock.  Car belongs to a customer of mine.  It was tuned by another tuning company as  we were closed in January for some R&R.  The manufacturer has refused to replace the engine under warranty!. The tuner has not even had the decency to flash the car back to stock!, nor is answering calls from the owner of this vehicle.  The customer of this car now has to pay R800,000 for a new engine!


Be careful who you spend your hard earn cash with. Yes we all can make big power,  but how reliable is it?   Customers must come to grips with the fact that there is a distinct difference between a race car and a daily drive.  At STO we offer quality tuning…..make decent power gains with reliability.!  This is what is making STO grow at an unbelievable rate!

We know the difference between a race car and a daily driven car

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