Leo is known as a kind son, totally in love with their girlfriend, and notices an informed from inside the some one

Leo is known as a kind son, totally in love with their girlfriend, and notices an informed from inside the some one

After, Leo try kidnapped by the Rennek exactly who suggests that just what he wants out-of Leo was advice; due to being good Whitelighter, a senior, and you will an enthusiastic Avatar, Leo enjoys integrated information regarding this new magical neighborhood invisible strong within their subconscious. Rennek up coming uses a dark colored Priest to get all the information aside of Leo’s mind.

Half a year later on, wonders features transformed corners causing most of the enchanting beings to lose its energies and you may mortals to achieve the ability to have fun with miracle. Therefore, Leo’s wings be permanently emerged, slowly emptying all of his time, and then make him very worn out.

He later on learns that the sword in his give try maybe not truly the Empyreal Blade and this is simply when you look at the Rennek’s fingers, along with the Grimoire, and all sorts of invisible inside the Nexus of one’s All of the.

Of the uniting this lady body to your publication and sword, Prue growth the powers and you will uses them to vanquish Rennek. Into blade within her arms, Leo is actually mortal once again.

The latest Every and Old Ones

Leo in addition to rest of their family members stay static in contact that have Prue throughout the next season. But not, it soon distance on their own because of sense visions and you will soreness from inside the this lady presence. Since the state goes on, the fresh new Halliwells are endangered of the a team of old demons called “the existing Of them”; strong sufficient to build demons shudder at regard to their names.

Because Piper, Phoebe, and you will Paige try to find away what can cause Prue’s presence so you’re able to hurt her or him, Leo continues to be the supportive kid around their girlfriend, caring for their family if in case necessary whilst sporadically getting in touch with brand new Elders locate solutions.

Following Most of the arrives regarding Prue’s body, the devil Heremus destroyed, and you will Prue dead once more, Leo, Coop, and you will Piper propose to initiate organizing a beneficial council from witches in the expectations of uniting toward advanced beings (like the Elders, Avatars, Angels out-of Future, an such like.) in lieu of getting them manage witches’ fates.

Later existence

For the 2050, Leo and you will Piper have been decided to go to by the their earlier in the day selves and you may an excellent past care about of Piper’s mommy, Patty, just like the more mature partners try to relax and play scrabble. Old Leo and you can Piper change their earlier selves about what so you can do to victory a perfect Race, allowing them to be aware that the long run may be worth protecting. [23]


He has a definite sense of proper and you will incorrect, a force to complete what’s right regardless of if it indicates putting himself on the line, and you can a proper-managed aura. However, he is not afraid to endeavor some one the guy deems since the a good chances to their members of the family. This was pretty showcased whenever Gideon killed Chris and you will tried to eliminate Wyatt. Such as for instance his wife, Leo turned into a whole lot more competitive a great deal more prominently into the Seasons six on account of becoming ily, which brought about serious pressure ranging from him and you may Piper also an excellent not-so-discreet hatred for the Chris just before reading their genuine term.

He’s got shown an extensive knowledge of secret, probably on account of their many years of are good Whitelighter. During the “Scry Hard”, Piper describes your because a great “walking Guide from Tincture” when trying to convince your when deciding to take the fresh new article as the Headmaster of one’s Wonders College or university.

In the place of whichever other ‘Higher Power’, Leo has received as often regarding a find name as the Halliwell siblings, being good Whitelighter, a senior, an Avatar and you can a great mortal, including a temporary servers getting “the fresh Trace” and lots of demonic efforts.

Powers and Abilities

  • Medical Studies: Because of their former community since a good medic, Leo may select and you will cure specific injuries and you will illnesses even as opposed to enchanting aid.

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