Additional information

Weight 1 kg
  • Rated for pressures up to 4.5bar
  • 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (BCS)
  • The balanced poppet design allows for versatile functionality, serving as a 3-way or 2-way valve in normally open or normally closed configurations. It can be applied for vacuum, diverter, or selector purposes.
  • Provides precise and consistent boost control
  • Includes a convenient plug-and-play 18-gauge wiring harness
  • Incorporates a patented high-force MACSOLENOID for rapid response times
  • Capable of handling extremely high cycle rates
  • Equipped with standard manual overrides to prevent over boosting and revert to wastegate spring pressure
  • 1/8th NPT fittings, easily adaptable to AN fittings (AN conversion kit available upon request)
  • Supports boost-by-gear tuning
  • Optional 1/8″ nickel-plated barbed fittings for simplified installation

Compatibility of the Full-Race 4 Port Boost Control Solenoid:

  • Well-suited for use in sealed Dual Port Internal WG applications, whether internal or external
  • Compatible with Hondata S300, K-Pro, Flashpro, Cobb Tuning AccessPort, SCT, Bullydog, RaceChip, Haltech, Holly EFI, and various other systems
  • Compatible with all PWM modulated standalone and piggyback ECUs