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Mercedes A45S AMG Cat-less down pipe


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Evoperformance Mercedes A45 S AMG Stainless Steel Decat Downpipe Exhaust

Upgrade your Mercedes A45 S AMG with the Evoperformance Stainless Steel Decat Downpipe Exhaust. Made from T-304 high-grade stainless steel and welded in-house with TIG welding, this downpipe is designed for maximum performance.

With a diameter of 3 inches off the turbo all the way down to the machined flange that joins to the mid pipe, this downpipe provides faster spool of the turbo for a sharper throttle response. The relief of the turbocharger results in lower temperatures and less exhaust backpressure, increasing the cylinder charge and contributing to maximum performance. Plus, the decat is mandrel-bent for better gas flow and maximum internal size to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

In addition to noticeable power gains, this downpipe also produces a much more aggressive exhaust note that sounds amazing. It is finished in brushed stainless steel and provides a substantial weight saving compared to the factory catalytic converter.

This downpipe is compatible with the following models with OPF/GPF: A45 S AMG 2019-, CLA45 S AMG 2019-, and GLA45 S AMG 2019-. Please consult with a tuner before purchasing this item to ensure they are aware of what needs to be done.

Installation is recommended by a professional as some exhausts may sit slightly different from others and can be tight. To prevent the engine light from coming on in most cases, we also recommend purchasing a Lambda Sensor Spacer(s), which can be found in our other items.

With testing showing increases of around 18-20bhp, the Evoperformance Stainless Steel Decat Downpipe Exhaust is a powerful upgrade for your Mercedes A45 S AMG.