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4 Port Macvalve/Boost control Solenoid


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Weight 2 kg

Our 4-port MAC boost control solenoid valve is specifically designed to optimize the boost curve, enhance boost responses, and potentially achieve quicker spooling when used with a soft WG spring. Unlike traditional 3-port MAC BCSVs (boost control solenoid valves), our 4-port design effectively manages pressure distribution to the open and close ports of your wastegate diaphragm. This feature enables lower wastegate spring pressure for improved low gear boost control and precise high gear, high boost control. By implementing this system, you can experience better traction during launch and in lower gears due to increased low gear boost, while benefiting from higher boost levels in higher gears where traction is typically less of a concern. This concept is commonly known as “boost by gear.”

    • Enhanced spool-up time and mid-range power
    • Improved duty cycle control for achieving target boost levels and maintaining them
    • Normally closed solenoid design prevents over-boosting by relying on the waste-gate spring in case of solenoid failure
    • 1/8th NPT fittings
  • Compatibility:
    • Ideal for use in both sealed Dual Port Internal WG applications (internal or external)
    • Compatible with Hondata S300, K-Pro, or Flashpro systems
    • Suitable for use with Cobb Tuning AccessPort
    • Supports all PWM modulated standalone and piggyback ECUs that accommodate 4 port BCSVs