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Turbotechnics V5


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The EA888 Gen 3 engine, found in the Mk7 Golf R and S3 8v, can be upgraded with the Turbo Technics V5, a bolt-in turbocharger with a custom compressor housing, optimised core, and superlight billet wheel. With simple bolt-ons and tuning, this upgrade can generate up to 600hp / 450kw at the flywheel, utilizing E70 fuel. The V5 delivers impressive spool, a vast mid-range, and top-end potential, and has proven its capability by achieving a true 10-second 1/4 mile pass worldwide and locally in South Africa with a 10.58 sec qm pass on our stock factory engine Audi S3 8v generating  420kw on 102octane at 2-2.2 bar of boost. To achieve even greater power output, a built engine and fueling upgrades are necessary. Unlike other industry turbos, the V5 bolts directly to the engine with only an oil feed swap (included) and the installation of silicone intake and discharge pipes (included). Stock location downpipes fit without modification. The package includes the V5  turbocharger for MQB and an installed and calibrated actuator.