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Elevate the performance of your 2.0L TSI EA888 3rd generation engine, as found in vehicles like the Golf 7 GTI/R Audi S3 8v with our high-performance engine and transmission mounts.

The stock mounts can allow up to a 12° roll under extreme loads, but our upgraded engine mounts reduce this movement to just 3 – 4°. These specialized mounts seamlessly replace the original ones, enhancing engine and transmission rigidity while preserving excellent suspension characteristics.

Furthermore, when power levels are increased, the factory transmission mounts often crack, leading to excessive vibrations and engine compartment fluctuations. Our mounts are meticulously CNC-machined from 6061 T6 aluminium and feature PU bearings, significantly improving cornering stability.

Key Features:

  • Minimizes engine movement under load
  • Enhances shifting characteristics
  • Eliminates stalling under high power
  • Combines stability and performance
  • Reduces “Wheel-Hopping” and “Torque-Steering”
  • Easy plug & play installation