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POLO 6C 1.8GTI Front mount intercooler


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The Evoperformance Intercooler utilises unique design features to lower intake air temperatures, minimise pressure drop and allows the engine to produce impressive power and torque. The custom end tank profile promotes internal laminar flow, decreases turbulence, and increases charge air speed to utilise the larger bar and plate core more efficiently. This enhances charge air cooling capability, giving you access to more power throughout the rev range. The limitations of the stock intercooler were apparent at the early stages of testing and development. The stock part consistently struggled to manage charge air temperatures in extreme scenarios without any vehicle modifications. Testing showed this issue becomes vastly amplified on tuned vehicles, with power losses observed under daily driving conditions. The Intercooler has been designed to improve on every thermal management aspect of the stock part, lowering intake air temperatures by up to 33°C (vs. the stock intercooler) and allowing you to drive harder, for longer. Key Features Balanced Bar & Plate Core Design Fully Cast End Tanks CNC-machined While retaining OE-level of fitment. The Bigger frontal surface area allows an intercooler to utilise more cold ambient air entering the engine bay. All else being equal; a taller, thinner intercooler will perform better than a shorter, deeper intercooler with the same core volume. For peak thermal performance, maximizing core frontal surface area is almost as important as core volume and type,.